Monday, September 26, 2011

Weekend Recap

We were so busy this past weekend and it felt great! We are really trying to be purposeful in building relationships in the six weeks I have before I head back to the States.

So...this weekend was packed full....starting on Wednesday afternoon we did all of the following....
  • Swimming lessons
  • Play date/coffee at a new friends house
  • Birthday party
  • Family breakfast at the dining hall...where we ate a large amount of food for a total of $8. Pretty sweet deal!
  • Grocery store
  • More unpacking/organizing...realized all my curtains are too long, tried to hem and my sewing needle broke and I have no more. Going to look for the sewing/hem tape to make life easier or I have to take them into somewhere.
  • Friends over for much fun! We got to meet their new baby, enjoy their company and entertain for the first time in our home.
  • Weekly meeting....more on that another day. It went well though!
  • Birthday party....scavenger hunt on the beach, splash pad and lots of fun.
  • More friends over for dinner....four big kids and one play room equalled a big mess but we had some great fellowship.
  • Breakfast with the ladies
  • Have the Perry's over for the whole day!
  • Drive Perry's back to Jubail and go for dinner at a great Indian restaurant
I will have to blog sometime soon about our day with the Perry's and Peyton and Gavin's adorable friendship and also now seeing Miles and Graham start to interact and show an interest in each other. This week I have a couple coffee mornings scheduled to host at our house. We are having lots of fun enjoying our shipment, entertaining and creating new memories here.

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