Friday, September 16, 2011

Falling in Love with Abu Dhabi

While we are busy unpacking I am going to go ahead and do a post on our trip to Abu Dhabi.

Pretty much I fell in LOVE with Abu Dhabi and the joys of being overseas, feel the culture/international feeling while still being able to have the freedoms of driving, wearing real clothes, eating in any section of the resturant and just feeling free.

After we arrived Friday, we went swimming and relaxed and then Saturday went to this area on the water called Heritage Village. It was supposed to feel like an old Arabian souk but the stores were closed, drove around and looked at the amazing architecture, beautiful hotels and then went to the mall before we droped John off at the airport to fly back to Saudi for work. He flew back on Wedensday to pick us up and drive home Thursday.

One hotel we drove up to was called the Emirates Palace. Which is the worlds most expensive hotel costing 3.8 billion to build. It apparently has an ATM made of gold in the lobby where you can get bars of gold. The spa services look amazing and it is an unbelievable site when you drive up. When we drove in to look around the security guard had to make sure John wasn't wearing shorts!

You can check out their website here and see more pictures and maybe even reserve a room. Surprisingly there is a large range of rooms in various price levels from the $425/night Coral Room to $11,400/night 3 bedroom Palace Suite. I would be fine with the Coral room...hint, hint John!
After John left, we shopped a bunch and was able to try on clothes and enjoy the many malls that Abu Dhabi has. I wanted to visit the Grand Mosque but I didn't want to do it with the kids by myself and the day I planned on doing it with my sister she got really sick. There were also a bunch of fun outdoor things we could have done but it was too hot. So, next time I am sure we will be able to see a whole lot more than just malls! We helped my sister unpack, shop for things for her apartment and just enjoyed a week away from Saudi.

Peyton celebrated her actual birthday at the hotel my sister was staying at prior to moving into her apartment. I ordered room service for her and we picked up a cake later that night for her. She loved room service and the big pancakes!

I loved Abu Dhabi and only wish John was there with me so we could enjoy it together....and so I could have the help of another parent! Next vacation....heading back to the States in November until the end of December and I have to flew one of the legs solo.....not looking forward to that at all!

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