Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Midweek Ramblings...

Here is what happened with us here in Saudi this week...
  • Peyton started preschool Saturday. You can read more about that here. She will be going Saturday through Tuesday for three hours in the morning which is great for her to have some variety in her week, a new learning environment and a nice break for me to be able to spend time with Graham.
  • Graham had his 6 month well child appointment Saturday. As expected...he is a happy, health and chunky baby...he is in the 97% in both height and weight. He weighs 22 lbs and is 28 inches tall. I don't think he is overweight but he is big and so I asked if it was normal and the doctor told me not to worry. He is meeting all his milestones (rolling, sitting etc) and as soon as he starts moving he will start to lean out. Graham is such asweet baby and I am so blessed with him just making life a little easier on me. He had his two vaccinations...cried when he got them for a brief second and then started to smile, coo and be his sweet self. The rest of the day he was pretty miserable but his miserable is not that bad. He was trying so hard to smile and be his happy self but you could tell he was miserable. He has such a sweet spirit.
  • Graham also had a big day after his appointment...he had his first baby sitter! Yes...he is six months old and I have only left him twice...once with my mom and once with a very good friend for a total of four hours. I am doing Mom and Tot swimming with Peyton since she isn't ready for the group lessons yet and in the summer Graham would play in the stroller while I did it. But now he is getting bigger and not as content to stay in the stroller so I found an older lady from the Philippines that was recommended to watch Graham while I do swimming with Peyton twice a week. I am hoping that we can make this a regular thing so when Peyton does move up into the group classes, I can just have the sitter come during when Peyton is at school and have three hours a week to have time to myself! The lady showed up a little early which was nice so she could spend time getting to know me and Graham and he immediately took to her and was in love. I felt really comfortable with her and it went wonderfully. I am excited about adding a resource to our lives as it feels like we went from having a village to help us with the kids to nothing. It was so much easier leaving him than it was Peyton which surprised me but mostly it was because he is such a happy, content baby that I don't worry about him and I really felt so comfortable with the sitter and had such a good feeling.
  • Another big step in getting settled is the scheduled DELIVERY of our SHIPMENT on TUESDAY! I am so excited! We are up to our eye balls in boxes, paper and chaos and I couldn't be happier! I am having so much fun unpacking, get our house settled and am already planning play dates, dinners, girls nights and making memories and making this our new home. When we bought our house in League City we just wanted to use it welcome others into our home and entertain and build relationships and I am looking forward to doing that here...and having toys for Peyton, a highchair for Graham and our comfy bed!
  • is filling up with everyone coming back from their summer vacations. Lots of new faces, lots of activities starting up and I am looking forward to getting into life here.
Praying hard that this is a turning point in our time here in Saudi. Everyone says that getting your stuff, the start of the school year makes such a difference and I am looking forward to hopefully seeing this as home.

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