Wednesday, September 7, 2011

One Year Ago....

One year ago we found out we were having a baby boy! I am disbelief at how much has changed since then. As much as I dislike being pregnant it still amazes me how a year ago this was what Graham was....

And now he is.... a beautiful, big, sweet and smiling baby boy that just makes me smile constantly. I am so in love! I had no idea what it would be like having a little boy and so far it is so much fun and I just continue to pray and hope that he will always love his mommy!

As I was thinking about how much has happened in a year, John and I thought through all the changes that our lives have had pretty much since 2005 and how we are very much looking forward to 2012 being status quo.

Here is a run down....

2005- John graduates from University of Texas, we buy Titus, John moves to Houston and I stay in Austin, get engaged

2006- Che graduates from University of Texas, moves to Houston, looks for a job, we get married, put money down to start building our first house, Che finally finds a job

2007 - Che starts new job in January, we close on our first house, celebrate our one year anniversary, start talking about having a baby

2008- We are pregnant with Peyton and have her in September!

2009- Che decides to quit her job and we go to being a single income household, then in the fall Che goes to work part time, we decide to lead a small group at our church, we have some challenging times in our marriage

2010- We start and finish an amazing marriage course, John has lots of discussions about what to do with his future/career, we start going down several paths and then back to where we started, we are pleasantly surprised to find out we are pregnant, make the decision to apply for the job in Saudi, go through the process of deciding if this is what we want

2011- Accept an offer to move to Saudi, have Graham, move to Saudi, my sister moves to Abu Dhabi......whew....

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