Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Midweek Ramblings

What a long, busy week it has been....
  • We spent a large chunk of the week unpacking boxes after boxes after boxes and I LOVED it! We are so happy to have our furniture, our pictures, toys and we are already starting to LOVE our house. Everyone was not kidding when they said your shipment makes a world of difference.
  • I am planing on posting pictures of the house next week. I just want to finish hanging pictures and curtains and then we should be good!
  • We have been battling being sick. Peyton...then me...then me again and now possibly Graham. :(
  • I started Boot Camp! After Peyton it was hard work to lose all the pregnancy weight and after running and then working with a personal trainer I was able to lose all of it plus some and be in better shape than before I had her. Since I HATE gyms I wanted to find something else so I am doing a two session a week for eight week boot camp. I finished two sessions and was surprised how much my body was able to do and am looking forward to it...and the results.
  • I love living by the beach! Boot camp as held at the field by the beach and as hard as the workout was so pleasant and relaxing hearing the waves crashing in the background and looking out to the beautiful turquoise water
  • We have been watching Mad Men and are obsessed! I always wanted to watch back home with being in advertising but we didn't have cable and I didn't have time. I downloaded the first season before we left and John and I love it. We are now onto season 2 and it is so much fun to sit down at night and watch an episode together.
  • Peyton is still having a hard time leaving me for school and does fine after about 5-10 minutes tells me she has fun when I pick her up but I wish the mornings would go better than they are.
  • Graham on the other hand loves the lady that comes and watches him and is doing great! I love that I can do swimming with Peyton and no have to feel bad that he is just sitting in his stroller in the heat, bored.
  • We have been in Saudi for 4 months now. Not sure how I feel about that or how I am doing. Probably depends on what day you ask me. My goal was that when we leave for the holidays that I feel like this could work and I would be ok with coming back. I think we are on track.
  • I can't believe that in 6 weeks I will flying to the states by myself with the kids for seven weeks of family...and Target!
  • We will be attending Fellowship here on Friday (it is the place that we used to go to on Sundays in Texas). We didn't go over the summer for many reasons...probably no real good and valid we are kicking off the school year with a commitment to ourselves and to Him and our family to be consistent and get involved.
  • This coming Sunday is a good friends first baby shower. I should be there and I am sad I am not. They are having skype set up for the shower so I am hoping all the connections etc work out so I can skype in and wish her well. This is the part of being here that stinks.
Here's to surviving another week in Saudi. I am praying hard that we all get better soon so we can get out and be with friends next week. I really want to be building relationships and that doesn't happen when you are sick!

Off to enjoy our weekend.....


Stori said...

Yay girl! You are doing great. I can't wait to see pictures of your house (I still haven't posted picture of my finished house because I just cannot decide where to hang everything, we are going at at rate of one picture per month!). I hope that your time at Fellowship is blessed and that you meet a lot of wonderful people... also, have I mentioned that I am SO jealous that you have close friends from Texas living not too far from you? That is an amazing blessing.

Stori said...

Ps... don't you find Mad Men to be a little depressing? Nick and I watched the first season, and we just couldn't go further. It made us kind of sad... but the characters are really interesting!

Stori said...

One last thing, and then I'm done... really, really. Also, I am so jealous that you get to bring your own things! I really miss my furniture, and it might be 4 1/2 more years before I get to see it.

Che Acord said...

Thanks Stori for your comments! We are so beyond thankful to have close friends nearby. Not only has it been awesome to hang out but also to have them as a source of information/help to get settled. Mad Men is a little depressing but with my background in advertising I am fascinated in how accurate it is and how much the industry has changed yet hasn't. We are so happy that we have our own furniture. Our friends with another company didn't get to bring their furniture so we are very aware of how lucky we are! Hope you guys are doing well and if we are ever in the same country at the same time we should get together and catch up on our overseas experiences!