Monday, September 19, 2011


This past week one of us has been sick at one point or another. Started with John and an awful stomach virus. Went to Peyton with a cold, then to me with a cold and now Graham is starting to cough. Not sure if the cough is due to drool/teething or a cold as he was coughing awhile ago before all this hit. I started feeling better, and am now back to feeling crummy and I lost my voice which is not helpful when trying to manage a toddler.

Anyways....we are LOVING our house and putting it together. We are bummed that due to being locked up at home we haven't been able to have people over and entertain but hopefully next week we will be back to normal. We do have plans for people to come over Thursday and Saturday. I want to really use the time I have here before I head back to the States in early November to continue building relationships and making memories in our home so I will want to come back!

Since not much has been going on here are some pictures I pulled off my phone....

This one is hard to get but....I was driving...on camp of course....towards the Hobby Farm (horse riding place) to meet some ladies for breakfast at the cafe there. This road is on the perimeter of camp and to the right is a huge dessert/field and then another two chain link electric fences with ditches on either side and big pipes and a video system between this road and the housing portion of camp. It is very secure here and I never notice all the fences etc until I drive out to the Hobby Farm. I realized how funny it was that one on side of this chain link fence I was driving, wearing jeans and a tank top and having tons of freedom and just on the other side is where I have all these restrictions put onto me. And I thought it was funny to see the "objects appear closer" text on our car in Arabic.

Then here is Graham and I doing some shopping at our camp grocery store. He has been able to sit up for awhile but I never put him in the cart because I didn't have my cover and he wasn't that sturdy so I wanted more cushion around him. He LOVED sitting in the cart.

I didn't realized how BAD of a picture this is of him when I took it. Opps....and yes he is still wearing his PJs...I had to wake the poor guy up to take Peyton to school and then he pretty much stayed in them all day.
And...check out those boxes of Trix cereal on the bottom right....Peyton was so happy when I surprised her with a box when I picked her up from school!

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