Sunday, October 2, 2011

Birthday day recap

I had a wonderful first birthday overseas and felt lots of love from new friends, family and my Texas friends. I wasn't sure what to expect and it exceeded my expectations.

I started the day off with my normal Saturday morning breakfast group and they surprised me with a cake complete with a candle.I am so thankful that I got connected with these women and I look forward to my weekly breakfast and the wonderful friendships being made. It is a random group of all ages, all of us have kids but just different ages, nationalities but all of us are here trying to make it work!

After I picked up Peyton from school, she set up a tea party for me and we had a birthday party tea party. She set it all up, made sure we had matching napkins and got very upset when I did not put the goldfish crackers in a proper bowl and the crackers not on a "platter." Yes, my daughter used the word platter. I think she got that word from me...and probably the need for matching napkins and all that made me smile!

I talked with my sister in Abu Dhabi and then a dear friend here surprised me with a beautiful candle and some new place mats. I am so beyond grateful for her and cannot even begin to express how much she has made a difference in me getting settled here.

Then John came home with some gorgeous flowers from our camp florist. Which was a wonderful surprise! I love having a florist in camp.He also arrived with a package from Texas from my friend Megan. She sent the kids some cute clothes, loads of fruit snacks...which Peyton screamed with excitement at..... and a really nice cook book. It is one of the prettiest ones I have seen and after just quickly browsing through it looks like it has some delicious recipes. This was our first package sent to us in Saudi and everything made it and it was so much fun to find out there was something in our mailbox. I don't even know where our mailbox is or how to access it....we just do everything online and have no need for mail!

He then took the kids to pick up Chinese food and my cake from a local bakery here. I have been wanting a cake from this bakery and heard great things about them! I was able to skype with my parents, talk to my friend Megan on the phone and then skype again with my friend Diane and see her little boy's nursery. John, Peyton and Graham came back and we had dinner and cake and lots of singings of Happy Birthday by Peyton and the cake was delicious!

A great day and a great way to kick off being 28!!

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