Thursday, October 13, 2011

Midweek Ramblings

A day late but it has been a long week....

  • Graham caught his first cold. Nothing too bad but it was the first time he was sick and it was draining on everyone. Did find out that he weighs 24 lbs. Seriously.....he weighs almost as much as Peyton.
  • We have started preparations for our trip back to the States. I love having H&M here especially for really cute boy clothes and so we went and found a coat for Graham and some other winter gear just so I wasn't having to run out as soon as we landed to look for appropriate gear for my kids.
  • A pretty awesome and unexpected opportunity (I still am not sure what I am going to do about it) fell into my lap yesterday regarding possibly getting back into horse riding. We have a hobby farm but it is hard to get lesson (few lesson horses/spots) and essentially adults need to lease/buy a horse to be able to ride. I have stayed away because I wasn't sure if this was something I wanted to jump back into. Well, when I was eating breakfast at the hobby farm yesterday, I ran into a lady I met at Fellowship and at boot camp and just started a casual conversation. She asked me if I had ever ridden, we talked about my past around horses and she said she was looking for someone with some experience to lease one of her horses. She told me to think about it and I am thinking and just not sure why I am not 100% about moving forward...I don't know if it is the time commitment, jumping into something I loved doing and was so sad to give it up, or that I am worried that I am going to not be good at it this time around. Anyways....I am planning on calling her and talking to her some more about it and we will see.
  • We really did a whole lot of nothing this week. With Graham being sick it put us into a kind of funk and we stayed home a bunch
  • Both kids have been really draining on me. The hardest part of living here has been the lack of a break for me. I am around them constantly and don't have a rest. Even if John watches them...where can I go? It is very draining, tiring and just hard being mom all the time. I miss the days of running to the store by myself, doing errands, having G and Papa down the street, dates with my husband, dependable babysitters. I need a rest!
  • We were out shopping at the souks the other day and it felt cool. We commented how nice it felt, how we must have gotten a cold front and then realized when we got home it was still 90! I guess when you go from 135 to 90 that could be considered a cool front! Today it was back to being miserable.
Hoping for a sick free week ahead and being a whole lot more productive around the house and in spending time with friends!

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