Thursday, October 27, 2011

Halloween Party

We headed to a Halloween party tonight and had so much fun! 

Since everyone has kids around the same age it was a kid friendly party but we still decided to get a sitter for Graham so he could stick to his routine and mostly so John and I could just have fun and not worry about him since Peyton would be playing with her friends!

Peyton wore her mermaid costume...

John pulled together some stuff and was a farmer.....

I made a dark fairy costume from stuff I found at a craft store.....including a tutu that took much longer than anticipated!

We had a blast hanging out with friends, meeting people's spouses and just relaxing! I have been hanging out with a bunch of ladies for awhile and we never end up meeting each others spouses so it is nice to get together, meet everyone and hang out. We laughed that we were one of the few American/Canadian couples and were largely out numbered by our Scottish and British friends! Funny how it has ended up that those are the friends that I spend a large amount of my time with! It was also strange that being here, I am primarily responsible for picking friends/people to be around as opposed to back in Texas where we would meet people as couples and then hang out individually. I have so much time during the day and meet people more easily due to convenience than John so I tend to be the one to make social plans for us. So, when he hasn't gotten to meet everyone and this is the first time...I get kind of nervous and hope he likes my friends! He did and had tons of fun but for sure a new dynamic!

I also had to laugh at how silly I felt in my costume! It is one thing to be an adult walking around in a costume in the states but in Saudi I am sure it looks even more strange! When the babysitter came to the door I quickly explained why we were all dressed up. She laughed and told us to have a good time but I am sure she thought we were crazy.

The host made amazing food....she had eye ball rice crispy treats, finger shortbread cookies, dips in the shape of brains and she went all out! So crafty and well done! And tons of scary decorations! A fun way to kick off Halloween!

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