Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Midweek Ramblings...

Some random moments from our week.....
  • This week has been better than last which was needed. We are learning that we need to find contentment and joy with where we are and are praying for that! I am also praying and looking for ways to feel purposeful with the time I have. Part of it will be pursuing interests such as photography but I need a place to serve and love on people. And it might not look like it did in the past or in the way I though it would but something has come up which I am excited about...see below for more details!
  • Friday night we went for a walk and then to the grocery store and while we walking we noticed the barber shop was still open. John needed a trim and so he went in and instead of just a cut he went ahead and took off a whole lot more. He had been talking about doing it for awhile and finally just went ahead with it. Graham took several looks at him when he came out and about the third look finally smiled. I love it and think he looks so handsome!

  • John and I have been talking about how we have been struggling with contentment and finding joy in where you are in life. We would like to do a study together. Anyone have any suggestions on a good study we could do together? I was thinking about ordering something to be waiting for me at my moms and then I could scan and send John the pages for the week or maybe he could get the ebook and we could do it together (through skype, email etc) while I was away. It would be nice to have that time apart to contemplate but would also be good to have something to do together and grow together even if we are apart. Any suggestions? 
  • Peyton had a cough over the weekend and woke up sounding worse so I ended up keeping her home from school on Saturday and took her to the clinic. The pediatrician is out on vacation so we saw another doctor and I was surprised how well he did with her. She has a slight bronchial infection, got some antibiotics and we were on our way...paying nothing! It is always nice to leave with a doctor's visit, antibiotics and not have to pay.
  • This is the weather report for today but it is pretty representative of what it has been lately...check out those lows! It has been amazing! I never thought that highs in the mid 90's would feel so good!
  • Sunday afternoon we went to Moms and Tots which is an organization here. They have there own meeting house provided by the company and it is run by volunteers. I have become friends with both of the moms that run it and they have been looking for some more people to step up and become leaders. They approached me and I am really looking forward to being involved with something meaningful and have something to fill my time. I feel so useless here. What I love about getting involved with Moms and Tots is that it is the first place new moms go when they move here and where they start to meet people. I know how hard it is when you move here and would love to be able to serve these moms at that time in their life. I am excited and look forward to when I come back getting involved, being accountable for something and just having some more purpose!
  • Here are some random photos I forgot I had on my phone though....I found this hat at the H&M Qatar and tried it on Graham...he is so handsome! Daddy didn't let us get it though and said we could look in Saudi and of course...Saudi doesn't have!
  • Tuesday I was supposed to have a riding lesson and the baby sitter never showed which was really upsetting. I was looking forward to that all week and really sad when I didn't get to go. And it made me feel like maybe this is something that just needs to wait until the kids are older and in school.
  • Because I was down about the missed lesson, Tuesday night I just needed to get out so we went into Khobar. I went to find some ring to use as a faux wedding ring since I realized the other day that the prong on my engagement ring is really bent and then my wedding ring (which I have been missing a diamond from for awhile) feels like the stones are loose. So, to prevent losing more stones I took them off but I don't want to be without any ring for the two months I am away so I found something at the silver museum for a whole $13 that will work in the meantime.
  • We went to eat at Outback! They just opened one here and it tasted just as wonderful as back home! They were really great with the kids which made a huge difference. They brought Peyton's food first, brought her a balloon when they noticed her getting restless, coloring books and it was such a nice time out. Graham sat on the bench side and enjoyed some bread...
  • After dinner we went to our favorite grocery store and picked up some snacks for the trip home, some meat to last us until I leave and then some more veggies/fruits to make Graham baby food to last until we leave. Peyton and Graham sat in the police car shopping cart and played together the whole time. They play so well together now and I love it! They entertain each other constantly and it is wonderful to watch. Graham adores Peyton and thinks she is hilarious and she just does so well interacting with him. 
  • I started to pack/gather/organize for our trip home and realized that Graham has hardly anything for our trip home and all my sweaters etc don't fit so looks like I will be ordering some stuff online to be sent to my moms house waiting for us. Old Navy is having a sale though which helps. Peyton hasn't grown much from last year so she has stuff left from last year and I got her a couple of things the other week so she is set which is nice.
  • This weekend we have a Halloween party to attend which I still haven't finished my costume for and then Peyton has a birthday party to attend. 
  • Then one more week...a Halloween party at school, a pre trick or treat party at our house, hopefully a trip to see friends in Jubail and then one more weekend (which we will hopefully be spending lounging by the pool with a margarita in Bahrain) and we leave to see G and Papa!

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