Saturday, October 8, 2011

Texas Fight!

One thing we have missed tremendously being in Saudi is watching college football. We used to watch games all day, have lots of game day snacks and loved it! We of course love watching Texas play the most but we really just enjoyed watching whatever games were on that day and the whole atmosphere of college football and school pride.

Since being here we have watched ZERO football! But today was the big rivalry game...Texas vs OU! So, I was determined to find a way to watch it. I found ESPN Game Player which works internationally without needing a VPN which we are still working on getting so I can watch my favorite shows without purchasing every episode through iTunes. The ESPN Game Player allows you to buy a day, month or yearly pass so I bought the day pass to try it out and it was great. We had access to so many different games and the quality was amazing. Not only could we watch live games we could also choose to watch previous games that were On Demand which would be helpful for those early morning the Auburn vs Arkansas game I wanted to watch but didn't want to stay up to 1 AM. 

So...we were able to watch the Texas game, Graham was able to watch his first football game and where his burnt orange (the last remaining piece he has that fits and actually was a little tight) and we had a fun family night. Complete with pizza from Domino's (only thing better would have been some Papa John's), chips, dip and lots of singing the "Eyes of Texas."

Isn't my future Texas longhorn just adorable....I kept telling him that he was watching his team and I could see myself watching him play! We will see but keep up this eating and size and he could be our little football player! 

Unfortunately the Horns lost bad...really, really bad but it was nice to have a little bit of home and Texas here in Saudi with us! Can't wait to watch lots of football next month when I am back in the States! 

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Danielle Taylor said...

Awwww! He is such a cutie (even if he has that orange on)!! Found your blog through Kellys Korner! How neat that you were able to get the game through ESPN.