Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Swimming Lessons

Since we arrived we have been taking swim lessons twice a week. The instructor is certified by the Australian Swim Coach Association and is wonderful. She is very educated and passionate about swimming. She spends four days a week doing lessons plus several evenings with the swim team. It is something she loves and it shows.

Peyton has been improving significantly and I am very fortunate for the opportunity to do lessons with her. She is now able to swim to the bottom of the pool and get a toy, can turn around under water and kick back to the wall in case she falls in, paddle/kick with head down to the wall from about 2 ft away, do streamline off the wall for a little bit and overall has a LOVE for swimming and is very comfortable in the water.

However...structured swimming lessons and the strong willed child don't go very well together at times.....actually most of the time. I am doing Mom and Tots lessons with her not because she is at that level but because she has a hard time focusing, doing what she is asked at the time she is asked and she needs me in there to discipline her. We spend a large amount of swimming sitting on the wall, counting to three and working through learning to follow instructions. It is beyond tiring for me. The past three lessons no one else showed up which has been great because I have been able to get more tips, suggestions and next things to work on with her from her teacher and push her to the next level that some of the other kids might not be at yet I have been able to really work on the discipline issue without worrying about disrupting the class. Peyton loves swimming, and I love seeing her progress and I know this could be a great outlet for her but it has been so difficult and discouraging every day when I am fighting to get her to kick etc and she is just being silly. But we are sticking with it until we leave to head back to the States...so 6 more weeks of swimming...

Maybe I will get my reward when I am sitting in the stands at the Olympics watching her.....I can dream.....

Oh....and someday I will have pictures of us at swimming but during our lessons that is the last thing I am thinking about trying to get.

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