Sunday, April 29, 2012

Big Girl Bike

Today John fixed a pretty big issue in the turnaround/shutdown so since he was in the good books for his successful job he decided to ask if he could leave for the afternoon which would allow him time to drive us into Khobar to do some needed shopping. So, he called and told me to be ready to head out around 3:30 PM and we were ready and waiting for him!

Our major reason we wanted to go was to get Peyton a big girl bike. She has a small tricycle thing that she got for her second birthday. I realized when she did Sports Day  last month that not only had she outgrown her bike significantly, we were also failing as parents in teaching her how to ride a, we needed to remedy that and the first step was to get a proper bike. Of course, that is when John started working the turnaround so it never happened. But tonight we made a trip to specifically get her a bike. We had browsed the last time we were out and she remembered every little detail of her favorite one and described  it impeccably as soon as I told her what we were doing. 

We did have a couple of other errands to do before the bike store and she was so patient in stopping at some stores, eating dinner and by the time we made it to the bikes....she was about to explode with anticipation and excitement and immediately ran to the one she remembered.

She managed to stay awake the whole way home which was impressive since she normally falls asleep in the car pretty easily and we let her stay up late to put her bike together. I know that first thing in the morning we will be outside practicing! It amazes me how grown up she is! 

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Carissa said...

How fun!! She is such a cute little girl!! :)