Saturday, April 14, 2012

30 days until....The Mediterranean :)

In 30 dyas we are off on our next vacation and this time...John is coming with us! I think I am almost as excited about that part as I am about the trip! So....we leave May 15th for  Rome to embark on a 12 night cruise on Royal Carribbean's Mariner of the Seas through the Mediterranean! 

We figured that a cruise was the best way to see Italy, Greece and Turkey with two little kids. It allows us one hotel room and not having to deal with bag transfers and flights and then entertainment for the kids. We booked two interior connecting rooms so we have enough space and also a place to retreat to when the kids are asleep and are really excited about everywhere we are stopping! 

Our itinerary is as follows....we picked this cruise specifically because it has two days in Istanbul which is the one place I have been dying to go to. I am so excited and also completely overwhelmed with planning what to do in each of these ports. Thankfully with kids you can't do too much so we don't have to plan very much!

Then at the conclusion of the cruise we are spending an additional 6 nights in Rome exploring. I found a wonderful hotel that is apparently in a quiet but central location and was highly recommended as a kid friendly place. I was able to book a Junior Suite which has two rooms with a small living area in the middle. It also opens up to the courtyard. 

In total we will be gone for right around three weeks which seems insane to me! I am really going to need to pack carefully because I don't want too many bags with two kids and traveling around with trains etc but I don't want to not pack enough! Now that we finally have all the airlines, accommodations and transportation booked, I am starting to sit down and plan what to see and do in each location which is overwhelming! We are looking forward to our Mediterranean and Italian adventure!

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Katie said...

Girl, I'm so jealous!!! I love me some Italy. I have a friend who is a FABULOUS tour guide in Capri, and possibly Rome, if you're interested. If anything, he could be a good contact for you. Message me on facebook and I can give you his name. He's a dream...hands down the best tour guide I have ever had in any of my trips to Europe.