Friday, June 15, 2012

Meet...our new stroller...

So, we quickly realized that we messed up big time by only bringing one stroller with us to Rome!

The whole time on the cruise we were fine with one because we didn't have that much walking to do and everything was much closer together. The first day we walked to try and find some warmer clothes and John ended up having to carry Peyton everywhere. We were both frustrated. Then the next morning we were going to try again and within 3 minutes of leaving our hotel Peyton was telling us she wasn't going to walk. John complained, picked her up and the whole way it was constant complaining between John and Peyton. I was tired, hot and saw five more days of this and decided that we would either take turns looking around with one kid at a time or we needed a solution. We were finding that it was hard to find a taxi whenever we wanted and about the time we were down with the Palentine and were both tired from carrying kids, dealing with whining we decided to go and figure out a way to get another stroller. We walked some more, found a store and then Peyton had to go to the potty so we left without looking at the strollers. We headed back to the hotel and look online for a baby shop. After naps we took a taxi and found a smallish selection of strollers, talked, discussed and bought one. 

Not exactly the purchase we were looking to make but I can't not tell you how much easier this made our trip! So much more enjoyable! I really appreciate John doing this for us because it made such a difference and we had fun the remaining days of our trip! By the way, the only reason I am carrying Graham was because we were contemplating buying some sort of inline double if it was available so we didn't have to deal with carrying two strollers up and down stairs so we didn't bring our stroller. When they didn't have what we saw online we bought this one....but I had to carry Graham home! 

So....advice to parents of more than one child...when traveling to Rome bring a stroller that has enough seats for all children and be prepared for your stroller to get destroyed. Our umbrella stroller that we brought with us (not the one in the picture) was destroyed. It barely pushes and feels like it is going to fall apart! But it worked and the rest of our trip we didn't have to hear anymore complaining about walking and everyone could nap whenever they wanted to which to us was money well spent!

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