Friday, June 8, 2012


The very next day after Crete we docked at the port in Rhodes, Greece. We were not sure what to expect and loved waking up and seeing the medieval tours and walls. The whole castle like feel was very exciting to Peyton and she cam up with a very elaborate story about a princes and a dragon and us going on an adventure which helped get her going for the day and be pretty agreeable about walking around.

Here is a picture of the cruise ship, The Mariner of the Seas...our home for 12 nights!

John and I both really enjoyed this port. It has a lot of medieval history and influence which has left an old town surronded by walls and many forts. We did a walking tour on our own following an intinerary from our Lonely Planet book which was great and gave us the highlights of everything. What we found interesting was the mix of medieval architecture and then signs of when the Ottomans were in Greece and the mosques.


While we were walking we came across a store that was selling postcards and stamps and had a mail box right outside the shop. I only could remember my parents address off of the top of my head so we went ahead and wrote them a post card and sent it to them. Peyton was so excited and it was fun to do old school mail!

We found a restaurant to eat at and enjoyed some yummy food! I can not write enough how much I just loved being able to eat at nice restaurants, sit outside and also just people watch while we ate. No family sections in the back corner of the restaurant here! So much fun and I soaked it in!

Lots of wandering around, looking at shops, not buying anything but just enjoying soaking in a different country and the history associated with the island. 

The next night....we took the time to take some pictures of the kids and all get dressed up and get pictures done by the photographers on the boat. We didn't go to the nice formal dinner because we have the kids but I wanted to dress them up and have pictures done. 

What I didn't realize is how incredibly hard it would be to get Graham to sit still. So I essentially got the one above and that is it! He just wanted to climb and go everywhere! But aren't they both so incredibly cute in their outfits! Love dressing them up.....even if Peyton refused to wear any other shoes besides her dirty pink crocs. It was a battle I wasn't about to fight and honestly....I didn't care because that is who she is!

Our attempted photo session turned into Graham and Peyton playing tag along the boat. So much fun for both of them.

The next night we were heading towards Istanbul and going through the Dardanelles Strait into the Sea of Marmara. It was pretty interesting to watch this big cruise ship be guided by the two tug boats and navigate its way through this tiny strait. And we had gorgeous sunsets that night!

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