Monday, June 18, 2012

Other Rome attractions

We were so fortunate to have TONS of time in Rome to wander around and not be rushed. We saw so much! 

We spent several evenings in Piazza Novana either walking and enjoying the atmosphere, eating dinner, having a picnic on the benches or eating gelato!

We saw the Pantheon which John and I both listed as one of our favorite places we saw in Rome. It was mind blowing the architectual feat and I loved it!

We went to the Rome Zoo when we had enough sights and just wanted to do something for the kids to reward them for being awesome. It was fun for everyone and a nice break from buildings....

We saw the Trevi Fountain and threw in some coins. We actually saw the Trevi Fountain several times in our wandering around and trying to navigate around Rome.

We visited one of the best gelato places in Rome and enjoyed more gelato. The line was crazy but we were patient and the reward was well worth it.

This was the sunset one night as we were walking across the bridge back to our hotel. 

The walkway up to our hotel, Hotel Santa Maria. It was a wonderful place to stay and highly recommended. We loved the space it provided for us and the kids for the price, it was a great location and the staff was amazing!

Me and my partner in crime! Many times we thought we were insane to be traveling with two kids and doing everything we were doing but we made some good memories, had wonderful conversation and grew in our marriage. Looking forward to our upcoming travels and what more experiences await!

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