Thursday, June 21, 2012

The smallest fish!

I am beyond grateful for the wonderful swim instructor we have here in Saudi. She is passionate about swimming, teaching kids and incredibly qualified. I am amazed at how much Peyton has developed in her swimming and am thankful to have such good instruction for her. I kind of have this secret desire for her to be an all star swimmer. With me swimming growing up and being a coach for summer swim team I would love it if she swam as she grew up. It is such a fun sport! 

Since last year I had to do the swimming with Peyton, poor Graham was left out but this year Peyton swims on her own in her own class and I do swimming in the mornings with Graham while she is at school. 

He LOVES his Moms and Tots class! He always says "hello" to all the babies and is just so enthusiastic about the whole thing. He is very comfortable and chill with swimming and will do everything you ask with a smile. 

Here he is saying hello to a friend....

And getting some mommy cuddles while we wait for our turn to practice swimming under water.....

Love his bubbles under the water. He has been doing awesome with going under and reaching and kicking! 

Here we are singing the Grand 'Ol Duke of York and riding our noodle horses. You have to lift them up which is kind of challenging for mommy....

Practicing our kicking. He is so chill. I love seeing the differences between Peyton and Graham. At this age Peyton was NOT interested in organized swim lessons, just wanted to swim "myself" and would just go under the water and was impossible, she had no fear which is what I love about her now. Graham just floats, not as eager to jump in and a little more timid about the whole swimming thing, would prefer to not go under the water but will. He still likes water but not as much as Peyton who LOVES the water and is so confident about swimming and has so much enthusiasm for it!

Practicing floating on our back....we sing a silly song about scarecrows sleeping and jumping. 

We love our swimming lessons and between the two lessons a week for each of them plus one other day a week I take Peyton by myself to practice, we are at the pool almost every day which is one of the better ways to cool off when it is 116 outside!

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