Saturday, June 23, 2012

On our way to G and Papa's House...

We headed over to Bahrain on Thursday afternoon to enjoy some time with friends over a nice adult only dinner and then after a day swimming at our hotel, and enjoying some time together as a family...

.....The time has finally come to head across the pond to G and Papa's house for a LONG break from Saudi and lots of time with family! We are heading to Washington for about seven weeks and then ten days in Muskoka to visit with my Grandmother to return back to the land of sand the end of August!! 

I am excited that Peyton and Graham can have some quality time with their grandparents but I am not looking forward to being away from John for that long. It is a long time to be away from your house and be a single parent. First step though is a really long flight from Bahrain to London and then onwards to Vancouver where we will drive down to Washington. Since I am flying back to Saudi from Toronto it was cheaper to fly into a Canadian airport. Cheaper works for me and it is the same length of time on the plane either way. I am praying hard that Graham is easy on the plane and would appreciate prayers as well. It is hard to travel by myself to Abu Dhabi and I am anxious, scared and overwhelmed with the 24 hour journey ahead of us.

I would really appreciate prayer for the following....
  • That I have the strength and energy to be alert and patient throughout the flights. That I will be able to have enough rest prior to leaving and during to be able to function and that God intervenes when I am clearly tired.
  • That both kids sleep on the 2:00 AM flight from Bahrain to London. That there night time sleep won't be too interrupted with having to head to the airport and that they fall asleep quickly on the plane and sleep the whole or most of the flight.
  • Prayer over Graham and that he doesn't fight sitting in the car seat, is easily entertained, can nap when he needs to and that I can clearly see and meet his needs quickly and before they become an issue
  • For grace from other passengers, security, flight attendants as we navigate through the airport, transfers and getting on and off the plane.
  • For safety during our travels and for the flight crew and pilot.
  • That Peyton is open to direction, in a pleasant and helpful mood and the typical all star traveler that she is. we go and when we return to Saudi the end of August we only have 11 days until Granny Martha comes to visit! So much going on and thankful for all the family time we have coming up these next few months! I see some spoiled grandkids in the near future!

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