Friday, June 1, 2012

SUYL- Living Rooms

I am participating in Kelly Korner's Show Us Your Life series on our houses...and this week it is our living rooms!

In March I did a whole house tour of our new house in Saudi (well by then we had been here 10 months but it was when I finally got around to it).

But specifically here is the living room....

I wanted to show our old house in Texas and what our living room there looked like....

And then onto our company/cookie cutter house in Saudi...we have tried hard to make it our own and more cozy....seeing these pictures really makes me want to paint but I don't want to repaint it when we leave and the ceilings are huge!

We have a long rectangular room that runs along the middle of the house seperating the bedrooms from the kitchen. The room has two functions...main living room and dining room (and we don't have an eat in kitchen so it is our only eating area). Here is the main living room.

 In the corner is an antique wooden door with lots of intricate carvings that is from Afghanistan. You can see more pictures of it here.

 You can see the dining room in the background.

My desk that I got from Altar'd Custom Hand Painted and Refinished furniture outside the Houston area. I love it! We bought it when we knew we were pregnant with Graham and needed to turn the office into a nursery and it fit in our kitchen bay window. Also...the dresser that the TV is sitting on is from her as well. I love having a dresser for a TV stand because there is so much storage and useful drawers.

In our new house we have a secondary living area which we LOVE. I am so thankful for this space. It is split between a more casual sitting area and a playroom. 

Thats our living room and playroom/living room! Hope you enjoyed it and I look forward to visiting lots of other spaces!

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