Sunday, June 10, 2012

Our Days at Sea

Even though our cruise was 12 nights long, we only had 3 days at sea and so we tried to soak in as much rest and relaxation as possible during those days. 

I went to the spa twice for a massage and one other time for a pedicure! Wonderful and so needed! I originally only had one massage scheduled but after carrying kids around all the ports I was in pain and John gave me another massage. While onboard I had a hot stone massage and then a bamboo massage. The stone massage was so relaxing and wonderful and the bamboo massage was a little intense but much needed after all the walking, carrying and soreness from our trip. And my pedicure was long overdue...I hadn't had one since before we moved to Saudi...over a year ago...gross!

Since you have to be potty trained to use the pools, we put Graham in the nursery one of the mornings and took Peyton swimming. One morning we put Graham in the nursery and Peyton at her kid's club place and John and I were able to relax by the pool together. Often John would take Peyton swimming again during Graham's afternoon nap...she loves to swim.

One day at sea there was an ice skating show/performance. John went and got tickets early in the morning while I was getting a massage and we headed over there in the afternoon. We were prepared for someone to have to leave with Graham but he was so into it! He loved everything and loved clapping and sat still the entire time! The longest I have ever seen him sit still. Now...if I can only find an airline with ice performances?!?

Our ship had an arcade where we played often before dinner. Sometimes we would put money on the cards and actually play or sometimes we just played pretend...the kids didn't care either way! Graham was in love with the arcade and would run into it with excitement! I loved that he would make car noises while driving the car!

John let them play there own version of Skee Ball....

The boat had a good amount of activities to keep us busy at sea. We would go to open play time at the nursery, a family scavenger hunt around the boat where we had to get signatures of crew members from different countries, a volcano science experiment and  so much more. Really great for the kids and for us! 

One night Peyton's Adventure Ocean Club put on a Pirate Parade which was adorable! She knew all the motions and did great!

Certainly different activities from our two previous no kid cruises but still fun and great memories as a family!

Days at sea were much needed and looked forward to because as much fun as we had at ports or on the boat we mostly used those days to catch everyone up on naps and sleep and be ready for our next port!

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