Tuesday, December 7, 2010

26 Weeks

Another week down and so many more to go BUT I am almost into my third trimester!!!
I am starting to realize with the holidays and also some other stuff going on in our lives that I need to work on finishing up the sewing in the nursery (and finishing sewing projects in Peyton's room....bed skirt) and just make sure that I don't get behind or else March will crept up before I know it!

I had an appointment last week and even though I called to verify that I didn't need to fast and was told no, it appears I was supposed to. I got out of my 1 hour glucose test for now but will do it at my next appointment on December 28. Everything looked great at the appointment and baby is healthy!

Graham is KICKING/MOVING like CRAZY! It is so weird to feel him move so much and seriously I feel like he is doing flips/rolls in there. I am still managing my pain levels and very rarely if ever have any cramping!

I am seriously missing exercising and have some times when I get pretty down on the fact I wasn't able to exercise at least as much if not more than I did with Peyton. One thing I wanted to do different this time was exercise more and now I can't do anything at all so it is frustrating but I do watch what I eat more and the addition of a toddler has kept my weight gain at or a little below what I was with Peyton! And I have a plan to visit my good friend Natasha at Fitt Life Fitness (I went last Spring and had amazing results) as soon as I am cleared to exercise!

So all is well...with me and my baby belly.....

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