Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Starting to look like Christmas!

Over the Thanksgiving weekend we went ahead and started on our Christmas decor both inside and out!

My favorite part of setting up Christmas is reading the Christmas story and setting up the nativity scene as a family. We would do this every year growing up and I love continuing that with my family and this year Peyton loved moving the characters at the appropriate time. She paid attention for most of the story!

Our artificial tree was on its last limb last year so we were going to go and do the whole real, pick your own and cut it tree this year and buy a new artificial one after Christmas during the sales but when Garden Ridge had their after Thanksgiving sale and we could essentially buy the new artificial tree for the same price as a real one we went that route and are super happy with the new tree! We had set it up minus the ornaments while Peyton was napping so she wouldn't have to wait through the boring part and when she woke up she was kept saying "wow." She loved helping put on the ornaments and a suggestion to any new parents....plastic ornaments are awesome! Pre - kids we had a nice red and gold tree with lots of pretty glass ornaments. Last year, I wanted to do something different and then when I looked at what the most cost effective way to update our tree I found tons of plastic and nice ornaments at Wal- Mart/Target. And since she was walking last year it helped me not worry so much but this year it has been great because she can help or drop ornaments and I don't have to worry! We still put some breakable, memorable ones at the top and I did it when she went and had her bath!

Peyton also has her own tree in her room which she loved decorating and since it was in her room I think she also knew she had creative license over it! She was very opinionated in where things should go! I don't think you can tell in the picture but her Toy Story figurines are under the tree! She wanted them on the tree but I couldn't figure that out so I told her that maybe they would like to be under the tree to look at all the lights and she thought that was great and they have been there ever since.

Other Christmas decor includes our inflatable Santa on an tractor! He has a story behind him...One night we were eating dinner and the dog started barking, I didn't get up to see what he was barking at because honestly he barks at everything. Instead I got mad at him and made him leave the window and sit by me. The whole time he was barking under his breath and getting in trouble. Meanwhile my parents were outside setting up Tractor Santa (imagine them all dressed in black, driving off in their getaway car with the lights off). Well, they ran the bell and I went outside and saw Tractor Santa. They have ( dad) have always wanted to buy an inflatable lawn decor item and I guess the decided to buy it but are not ready for the commitment of having it at their house. Peyton loves it here and every time we leave the house she says "hi Santa" and "bye Santa" to him. We did have to explain why he is "broke" in the mornings and not inflated. I just said he sleeps during the day and is awake at night like the real Santa...seems to have worked so far!

Hope everyone is off to a great start to their Christmas season and enjoying making memories with family!

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