Monday, December 13, 2010

Peyton's Busy Social Calendar

It seems like Peyton has had the busiest social calendar of all of us and the past couple of weeks have been filled with Christmas activities and we still have several more this week!

We started with a family Christmas party for Peyton's school. I tried to get her to pose for a picture before we left and this is what I got...what a ham!

We got our pictures taken with Santa and she was very excited about seeing him. The whole way there she told us she was going to a "Santa Party." We got a nice family picture and one of just Peyton but the school gave us hard copies and I haven't had time and I don't see myself having the time to scan them. After our pictures we did the craft tables around and made various things including a picture frame, nativity scene out of stickers and of course a cookie! At the end they had a kid geared play of the Christmas story which Peyton loved and kept telling me what was going on at various parts!

Throughout the week we have had lots of fun Christmas crafts and activities at home. We made sugar cookies and decorated them a couple of times, made Christmas cards for family including the pets and did various reenactments of the Christmas story and other fun crafts. Then last night we took Peyton to the Dickinson Festival of Lights and she LOVED it! She was having a hard time finishing dinner and I told her we couldn't go see Santa and the lights if she didn't finish...well she finished quickly and was so excited to go see Santa!

The line for Santa was super long so we just waved at him from a distance and instead made some sugar cookies. She made one for herself and one for mommy. She is getting to be a pro at icing cookies and is probably wondering why we do that so much lately!

And keeping with the cookie decorating theme...we had a cookie decorating play date at a friends house this morning and we made more and more cookies. She LOVED the gum drops but was really sweet about listening when I would tell her that was the "last one" for each cookie and listened well when I told her it was her last cookie to eat. She had tons of fun and made cookies for Granny and Papa....when I asked her if she was going to make one for Daddy she told me, "No...all mine." Hmmm.....sorry dad no cookies for you when you come home!

This week we have another Christmas themed play date, Peyton's class party at school and a party at gymnastics and then I think her parties are done and we head into the week of Christmas with just family get togethers! And Daddy is off all next week which I am so excited about and it also means that since it is a calm week next week,we aren't really going anywhere for Christmas and John will be home for help......we will be starting the joys of potty training! Fun!

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