Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas Week

We were so lucky to have daddy home all of last week and are pretty sad that he has to return to work tomorrow. We very much could have him home for another week. I have enjoyed the extra set of hands and additional naps I have been able to have and Peyton has loved hanging out with daddy. Besides the excitement of potty training (still doing really well) we managed to have some other fun activities considering most of the time we were restricted to the house.

The nice weather allowed Peyton and daddy to play ball outside a bunch! I love hearing them play together outside because he is so much more wild with her than I am and she loves it!
They worked together to build a Gingerbread Train....Peyton actually kept eating the icing as John would put it on. It was also highly amusing to watch them work together as they are both very opinionated, strong willed and have strong engineering/methodical tendencies. They ended up with an impressive train and a very sugar high toddler!

Since John was off we took the opportunity to drive out to see his mom about a hour away and celebrate Christmas with her on the 23rd. Peyton hasn't been to Grandma Martha's house very much as she always comes to see us and was very excited about going there and just thought it was the best thing ever!
Today Peyton and I used my new doughnut machine that I got for Christmas and made mini doughnuts. She loves to bake and is such a good helper. We had lots of fun and the doughnuts turned out pretty tasty. I do need to work on the icing/glaze a little bit but they turned out fine for our first time and Peyton loved them!

We had lots of fun playing games with my family most nights, watching movies, cuddling as a family and just enjoying the relaxing week. I was so happy I had all of our Christmas shopping done awhile back so we could just enjoy time with Daddy. Tomorrow it will be back to reality.....

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