Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Peyton Singing Debut

Yesterday the 2-5 year old sang on stage at church. I have always LOVED seeing them sing every year and get teary eyed every year. I could not believe it that this year I had one of the kids on stage! Seriously....how did I get a two year?!? Can you find her?

Peyton very much knows the song, "Good News," and has practiced at school (her school is at our church) and on Sunday mornings and I have heard her sing it in the car with the CD and even did a performance a couple of weeks ago for our family however as expected she stood on stage in wonderment of the lights, people, big TV screens and all the other kids. I was so proud of her for being so brave however and not crying and following the teachers instructions!

Afterwards we had my parents and John's mom over for brunch and Peyton loved having all of her grandparents around! She loves them all!

I have to get a video of her actually singing the song sometime because it is adorable and I love hearing her say all the words but for now here are some picture of her all dressed up for her day...and yes, she is wearing a summer Popsicle bow because that is the one she wanted to pick. I got her in a dress and matching shoes....I pick my battles!!!!!

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