Thursday, December 23, 2010

Princess Peyton Visits Starbucks

Tonight we got together with a couple in our small group at Starbucks. I was little worried about trying to have an adult conversation while entertaining Peyton but she was amazing and LOVED their little 7 month old daughter. She loved holding her and thought it was hilarious when she would grab her bow out of Peyton's hair. The more and more I see Peyton interact with babies, the more comforted and excited I get about seeing her as a big sister. She is going to be amazing!

Anyways...I promised her some big girl coffee (chocolate milk in a Starbucks paper cup like ours) and so she was super excited to come with us and decided just before we headed out that she needed to be a little more dressed for the if the cool black boots, leggings and dress was not fashionable enough......and she came out with her dress up skirt, a pink wand and a boa. I love it and love that she wore it out to Starbucks with much pride and enthusiasm! She thought she was looking amazing and I agree completly! I am so in love with my silly toddler!

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