Sunday, December 19, 2010

28 Weeks

I made it to my THIRD TRIMESTER! Praise God! I only have 9 more weeks until full term which sounds wonderful to me!

So here is what is going on with me and Graham (who is the size of a Chinese Cabbage)....

Weight Gain: A whole lot....I don't know why but I am never in the ranges that every pregnancy book says you should be. I was over with Peyton and over this time. However, I do like how I am carrying the weight better this time. I started at the same weight (one pound lighter this time) but I attribute it to me being in tons better shape entering into this pregnancy with all of the weight training I was doing and also eating better this time and chasing after Peyton has helped. Either way...I still don't know why I gain so much!

Maternity Clothes: I can still wear some non maternity shirts and maternity pants are a most although my non maternity yoga pants and some dresses etc still fit. I do love how I don't try to hide my belly and am all about the form fitting shirts which is probably why I don't wear only maternity clothes....oh and because I don't like them! I have worked hard for this belly so I am showing it off!

Movement: This kid can move, kick, roll and just cause all kinds of discomfort. He LOVES to move around when I start to fall asleep and the other day when Peyton was sitting in my lap and leaning against my belly he kicked at her which I loved! She has felt him a couple of times and tells me that the "baby kick me" which she is shocked at and I love partly because she has been in a kicking phase and we constantly tell her not to kick people or the dog.

Sleeping: What is that?!?! I don't sleep anymore and get about 5 hours of sleep at night. I do try to get a nap in during Peyton's nap but that is not always possible. I do love that John is off this week and yesterday he let me sleep for 2 extra hours in the morning!

Other News: I am pretty tired of being pregnant...what else is new! I am sore, it is hard to do stuff with Peyton (getting up and down off the floor) and I am just ready to meet Graham and enjoy my new family of four!

Other than all of that, I have a doctor's appointment next week and will be doing my one hour glucose test. I was supposed to do it last time but eventhough I asked, they told me I wasn't doing it so I didn't fast and showed up and sure enough I was supposed to do it.

Finally.....we are 98.9% done with the nursery! I am waiting on a letter that I ordered from Etsy. We are doing one big (20") letter 'G' painted blue with white polka dots as opposed to his whole name and so that should be here in a couple of weeks and then my friend Sarah from My Spare Time is going to make him a quilt. She is super talented and I am so excited that she is going to bless us with one of her creations! Since none of his bedding is store bought, we did all of his bedding from fabric we got at High Fashion (if you live in Houston and have not been are missing out), I didn't even think I was going to worry about a quilt! I am meeting up with her in the next couple of weeks and am super excited to see what she will do! I will post pictures of the nursery as it is soon!

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