Sunday, August 28, 2011

Women Only

I am pretty used to the whole women only lines, family vs men sections and normally don't think twice about it...only to check the sign and make sure that I am going in the right section. We have separate lines for everything....any restaurant, Starbucks, the waiting areas at our clinic, the pharmacy at our clinic, the passport control at the causeway to Bahrain where the women go into a passport control office so they can remove their veil and confirm their identity.

However the other day I was at Lulu's which is a large Hypermarket/Grocery store and was shopping around the produce section. John normally goes and gets our pineapple cored and sliced and next to it is where you can a coconut shaved and prepared. Well, I walked by, looked over and saw that the line to get your coconut shaved was segregated into men and women. I just shook my head...seriously.....we really have to keep men and women apart for that brief moment while waiting for the coconut to be shaved? What about check out? Goodness....

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