Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Midweek Ramblings...

Here are some ramblings about our life in Saudi this week...
  • Tomorrow is Peyton's third birthday party. I am disbelief how this happened. It really doesn't seem that long ago that we brought this little baby home and we were completely in love and in over our heads. It is amazing to see her now...a ball full of energy, opinions, an attitude and full of fun. Never a dull moment with her. She is so excited about this party and I hope it lives up to her expectations!
  • We leave on Friday morning for our journey from Saudi to the UAE...a full 8-9 hours driving in the desert with two little kids. Should be interesting! John heads flies back to Saudi on Saturday night and then back to Abu Dhabi to drive us home the next weekend so we can have the car to drive while we are there.
  • Next week I get to spend all week with my sister in Abu Dhabi! Soaking up wonderful family time, shopping, wearing normal clothes and all the freedoms that don't exist here in Saudi. I am so excited...mostly about the time with my sister!
  • I have been packing all day and getting things ready for the party. These kids need a whole lot of stuff for a 9 hour road trip plus a week away.
  • I have been doing P90X and running pretty consistently all this week
  • We are starting to figure out plan B for our trip home for Christmas.
  • Our shipment was finally scheduled to be inspected on Monday and then it still has to be processed, have custom fees paid, be released, go to the warehouse and be scheduled for delivery. Don't know when it will be here. Probably will be AFTER I get back from Abu Dhabi :(
  • This morning John took Peyton shopping and I just had Graham...I forgot how easy just one kid was. I got so much done and it was so relaxing. I am looking forward to school starting for Peyton when we get back from our trip and for the time she will have with different kids and doing something different and for the time I will have with Graham. I am looking into a Mommy and Me Yoga class and just some time to relax and get stuff done.

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