Friday, August 19, 2011

Weekend Recap

We had a pretty good weekend...busy yet relaxing!

Wednesday night we had a family over for dinner that arrived here just a couple days earlier. They moved from Canada and John met them while he was swimming with Peyton earlier in the week. They have three girls and it was so nice to be able to have them over for dinner, dump all of the wealth of knowledge we have been given. They are a sweet family and we enjoyed having them over. John told me how much fun he had and I responded..."duh, they are Canadian so they have to be awesome."

Thursday we went shopping and took our car to Khobar for the first time. We didn't make it to the party supply store in time but did manage to get to the hardware store, toy store and a baby gear store to buy a portable/travel potty (more about that later) and then we headed to the grocery store. A very successful day and our car worked out great! Lots of room for me to sit in the back between the kids which is a most when you are driving an hour each way.

Our kids are adapting so well and are so good when we go out. They both go with the flow in their own way. Peyton runs around the mall, is loud but listens. Graham just hangs out in the stroller, plays by himself and just chills out until it is time to eat and he grunts at you. They have such different personalities and are such different babies.

On our way home we got to use the portable potty seat which is pretty much a requirement for surviving here with a potty training toddler. As we were heading home in the middle of nowhere Peyton yells that she has to go potty. We pull over, take out the potty seat, put in a liner that has an absorbent pad at the bottom and we have a potty. It is great! A huge help when there are really no bathrooms you want to stop at anywhere and it will be a must have when we drive 8 hours through the desert to see my sister in Abu Dhabi!

Thursday night John left again and headed back to Khobar to take a friend that we just met to buy a TV and other needed items. They had a successful trip and it was so nice to be able to use the car to help out another family and bless them with transportation to get the needed supplies.

Today I woke up early with Peyton and while John and Graham snoozed we headed to the beach to look for sea shells which turned into swimming with her clothes on. We had so much fun!

Then later we worked on painting Peyton's room a bright, beachy blue! It looks fun and I can't wait to see her curtains and rug in there. She helped out and it was fun hanging out with her and working together!

Off to another week in with friends coming back from vacation (YEAH), hopefully our shipment clearing customs and getting closer to our house, planning Peyton's party and our trip to Abu Dhabi!!

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