Saturday, August 27, 2011

'Come on, Irene'?

Pretty much as soon as Hurricane Irene formed and started making her way towards the Eastern Cost of the United States, John has been humming some annoying song and singing, "Come on, Irene." I didn't think much of it and as embarassing as it sounds had no idea what song he was even trying to reference.

Well, then last night I was looking around and came across an article on how we mishear song lyrics and how that has become very apparent with Hurricane Irene and everyone not singing the lyrics is the article....apparently the song says "Eileen." Oh my goodness you have no idea how much I wanted to run into our room, wake up John and play the song for him. I live for those moments when I am right! I am thinking this will need to be playing when he wakes up in the morning!

All kidding aside...I really hope and pray that Irene just makes a turn and doesn't hit the coast. It is crazy to read about so many states being evacuated as well as NYC. Stay safe and I hope that everyone is evacuating like they have been told to.

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