Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Midweek Ramblings...

Here are some rambling about this week....

We are over half way through Ramadan!

I finally started on planning Peyton's birthday party. We are keeping it small and I am looking forward to celebrating her. I can't believe we have a three year old!

I am starting to work out/run/get ready for the half marathon in January! I am doing a combination of P90X and running. I like P90X because it will help with strength training and cross training but I can't do it exactly like the program recommends because I need to run and also have days off. I think I have found a good combination but it has been a hard work and my body is a little sore....well, actually pretty sore!

My sister is now in Abu Dhabi...crazy to think that I have family on this side of the world. I want so badly to go see here. We are trying to look at vacation schedules/cost etc and determine when we can make it over there to see her and it looks like we will be driving to see her the first week of September...because we now have....

A CAR! We picked it up on Tuesday night! It is great and everything we wanted and needed in a car and we are so pleased! Love having our own car and beyond thankful for the car we were able to borrow over the summer!

We had a slow week, wanting for our stuff....which will hopefully be here soon!

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