Friday, August 5, 2011

Midwek Ramblings

A couple of days late but here are some ramblings about what is going on here in Saudi....
  • Ramadan has started. Stores aren't open. Shoppers buses no longer run at any times that work when you have young kids. It stinks!
  • We are waiting on the bank here to cash our check and get enough cash together at their location for us to go place the order for our car. You have to bring all cash, then they request it to be shipped from the port of Jeddah and then you get. We are hoping it will all be resolved within a couple of weeks.
  • I am HOMESICK. I am depressed, wishing I could be home. Living here and getting settled is a nasty day you can see it working and you are enjoying it and then the next you are plotting ways to escape!
  • I am deep into week 2 of 4 of my photography class and it is overwhelming. Tons of insanely talented people and I am learning a whole bunch. I am excited and look forward to my next class and then going forward and practicing.
  • Graham really is getting more and more interested in table food and would probably love and be great at starting solids. I am not ready however and have been using the excuse that we don't have our highchair as justification. I hate him growing up.
  • We have been busy this weekend organizing and finishing painting and other chores so we will be ready for when our stuff comes.
  • My sister leaves for her adventure in Abu Dhabi next week. I really hope we can have frequent trips to see her.

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