Monday, August 15, 2011


I can't believe it has been a week since I blogged. In a way it has been crazy but at the same time it seems like nothing is going on and it has been long...which seems normal here in Saudi!

We have been spending lots of time at home, gone out a couple of times and then promptly regretted venturing out during Ramadan. Shopping at 9:00 PM with two kids and an insane amount of people in the heat while wearing an abaya really makes for some cranky outings.

We did pick up these party hats for a dollar during a grocery store run and who knew that they could provide so much entertainment.

Our shipment has arrived at the port and currently in customs. We have been told it should be here possibly Saturday but who knows. It has to arrive prior to August 23 or else we will not get it until middle of September. I am really hoping it comes soon but as with most things here I am learning to not get my hopes up and prepare for the fact that it will probably be another month. :(

I can not wait to sleep my bed with my comfy sheets...

We bought a car...which was the most complicated car buying process I have ever been a part of. No such thing as test driving, seeing or even touching the car you are going to buy. We did tons of research and when we factored in price/reliability etc we came up with the Toyota Fortuner (pretty much the 4 Runner).

But you can't find one to even look at in a dealership. So you essentially go to the dealer, tell them you want a Fortuner, wait until the get a shipment, the dealer quickly reserves one for you through the online system (along with any and all other dealers in the country), you have three hours or so to get there and pay cash for your sight unseen car....

After you arrive with your cash.....they book it, takes about 6 days to truck it from Jeddah to where we are, they install tint here, you pick it up and if you don't like it you can get your money back but honestly at this point you are so frustrated and desperate for a car I don't see that happening! After dealing with several dealerships, having two cars reserved at one point, we have a black Fortuner (not our first color choice but choosing your color is not really a luxary we have here) coming soon and should be in our hands on Wednesday....insha' allah!

I finally broke down and started solids with Graham. He was been eyeing our food, grabbing at it and giving me puppy dog eyes. I just didn't want him to grow up. But I felt bad and he was one very happy man!

Such a difference from when we introduced solids with Peyton. He was grabbing at the spoon, directing it to his mouth, opening wide and finished the first bowl in no time. I got him a second bowl and he finished half of that one. Totally in love with food and he was a champ. He even licked it off his fingers to make sure he got everything! Not that he needs anymore food...he is a chunky man! We were able to skype with my parents while he was getting his first taste of solids which I loved! It was so nice that they were able to experience a first with Graham!
Peyton has been....a handful, super funny and in typical toddler much fun and such a headache all in the same day! She is talking up a storm and it has been difficult entertaining her during our long days at home. Despite the heat, she still plays outside every now and then and hopscotch is her new thing.

We have been working on potty training and she has been doing pretty well. We go most days with no accident, nap time with no accidents and she still wears a diaper to bed. Most days she will just go on her own. I can't ask all the time because it just irritates her. She was doing great even while we were out and not having accidents at all. BUT we have had a couple more accidents the past couple of days (including an awesome experience while shopping at Ikea) and she didn't seem to care which made me worried but yesterday she had an accident at home and she got her lovey wet so he had to have a bath and it was just before nap time and so that was not fun but I am hoping it helped reinforce the "no accidents" concept. We have been doing a sticker reward system which has been great. She has already earned two toys and now we are earning stickers for a no accident day and when she gathers enough to fill the chart she will get a super big toy....a scooter toy she has been eyeing since we got here!

I have been busy with a photography course on editing with Lightroom 3. I am a member of Clickin Moms and they have an awesome forum with TONS of information and they offer various 4 week online courses. I am taking Lightroom now and then will take a shooting class next. They are pretty intensive with lots of videos, lessons each week and your homework so it helps pass the time which is great!

I also went a did a shoot for fun of my friend who is due with her second in a couple of weeks. It was fun shooting someone other than my kids and it was my first maternity "session". I got some great shots and some bad ones! I am glad I overshot and I learned a TON! So thankful for the practice and chance to do it and look forward to when her little guy comes soon!

And this is one picture I took this week and edited for my homework....I call it....DIVA!

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