Monday, August 8, 2011

Graham: 5 months

How times flies when you are having fun! And Graham is SO much fun! I can not believe he is 5 months old! It has been a wild 5 months but he has continued to go with the flow and just adapt to whatever is thrown at him and has provided us with such laughter and joy and reminds us daily the importance of family when the move has gotten us down!
Graham is a super chill and easy going baby. You very much know what he needs and most of the is a bottle. He is eating 6 ounces of formula every 3 hours and sleeps from 8 PM - 7 AM every night. He is really interested in solids and watching us eat and am sure would love them if I offered but I am not ready. Maybe when our stuff gets here and his highchair we will think about it.

He loves to play on his play mat by himself and is now starting to roll and wiggle around so you never know if he will actually be on his mat when you come back. Most of the time when we come home from shopping/errands I just change his diaper, take of his clothes and let him play on his mat while we unpack the car and get settled. He is always so happy to see his mat and very content to chill.

Graham is starting this wonderful screaming sound. He isn't upset, he is just really excited and loves the sound of his voice. It is pretty amusing and we can have whole conversations together!

He is starting to sit up and is pretty good about keeping himself upright until he realizes what he is doing and he gets really exited and falls over...then laughs at himself! He will fall asleep pretty much anywhere and anytime. Give him his pacifier, put his lovey silk side down on his head, swaddle him and out he goes! Super helpful with the sometimes lack of routine we have.
Graham is outgrowing pretty much every piece of clothing that I brought for him. We are pretty sure he is pushing 19-20lbs and is out of all his 6 months clothes (minus a couple of big ones) and is in desperate need of our shipment coming with his bigger clothes or a shopping trip! He is way too heavy for me to carry and we need to start figuring out how I can carry him around...I might need to start doing some weights!

Graham Ryerson....we LOVE LOVE LOVE you so much! You are a wonderful addition to our family and we are so blessed and thankful that we get to be your parents. We pray daily that we show you how to love God and love others!

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