Saturday, April 7, 2012

Easter Egg Hunt at the Hobby Farm

As soon as we got back from our trip we were busy with Easter parties and gatherings. Peyton's friend from school had a fun party on Wednesday (I forgot to take my camera) and then on Thursday I got tickets to an Easter Egg Hunt, cookie decorating and activities hosted at the Hobby Farm. We headed out and had a good time with friends. Sorry for the pretty bad and lack of pictures but I had a hard time managing both kids and taking pictures! 

Graham was all about holding his bucket and trying to walk. He didn't really have a good idea of what he was supposed to do but he was adorable. I can't get over him strange but so cute!

After the Easter Egg Hunt, I took the kids to a grassy area that I saw a long time ago and have been wanting to take them to do some pictures. They were moderately cooperative and in the end we just played and had fun together. Graham LOVED walking around and exploring. Excited about Spring and the return on nice weather....not looking for the gradual increase in temperatures but we should be gone before it is unbearably hot...hopefully :)

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