Monday, April 16, 2012

Growing Boy!

I finally made it in for Graham's one year doctor's appointment...about 6 weeks later. It is pretty difficult (and frustrating) to get timely pediatrician appointments here and with your kind of know what to expect and I wasn't in any rush to take him in. 

As expected Graham is a big, growing boy! Both the nurse and the doctor asked several times to verify that this was his one year appointment. His percentiles (as far as I could tell after looking them up on the WHO website when I got home since they don't give them to you) are....weight 14kg = 30.86 lbs which is around 98%, length 81 cm = 31.89 inches which is also at 98%, head 49 cm = 19.29 inches which is above 98%. So, as expected...he is a big boy! He is wearing 18-24 month clothes in pretty much everything, size 5 W shoes and 2T-/3T hats and grows out of things like crazy! 

He was wonderful at the doctor and some of his distinct personality traits (and difference when compared to Peyton is obvious) comes out when he is in new situations. He tends to get very quiet, sit very still and be very serious. He stops all movement and observes everyone with very watchful eyes. He is so observant and curious in how things work or go together. He does so many things that I never remember sitting down and teaching him but by watching everyone he knows how so many things work, are put together and just a very observant boy. He is also a sweet heart and so happy. Even after he got his one immunization, he stared down the nurse, she gave him a hug and after that they were friends and he was happy as he was before. 

Some other things he has been doing since his birthday...

  • He eats a bunch...hence the above measurements. He was being pretty cranky for several days (partially due to teething) but I also wondered if he was hungry so I have increased what he eats at his three main meals, added a pretty hefty afternoon snack and he is a happy guy! He eats a bunch and eats anything I offer him which is awesome!
  • Walking everywhere! And is pretty good at it which is awesome and so back feels much better!
  • Is totally in LOVE with cars. He will spend a good thirty minutes pushing toy cars around making car noises.
  • He climbs on everything, jumps from things and is everywhere! I am constantly having to tell him to stop climbing on chairs, the play table, coffee tables, couches....he is everywhere!
  • He loves bugs, dirt, food and is all boy. As soon as he is outside he is covered in dirt, loves to eat dirt but it in his hair. I showed him a beetle the other day and he immediately picked it up, looked at it (meanwhile I am trying to not freak out and just relax and let him explore) and then tried to eat it...and I freaked out!
  • He is still a cuddle bug and loves to sit in my lap in the mornings and after naps and just cuddle for about ten minutes. Also during the day he tends to just come over to me to give me a hug and a kiss. My favorite time of the day!
  • We are in the process of weaning off bottles and are down to the one before bedtime but we are making progress as he gets it earlier in the night to try to dissociate it with bedtime and we are implementing a new bedtime routine to help transition him.
  • He started swimming lessons....I will do a separate post on that since both kids are doing swimming now!
  • Graham loves people and is totally fine with being away from me, going to anyone new and just goes with the flow. Very chill guy!

So thankful he is growing and as healthy as he is. Such a sweet, fun boy!

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