Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Our trip to the UAE- Abu Dhabi

Last Friday the kids and headed off to the UAE for some time with my sister in Abu Dhabi and also to have some time relaxing and having fun in Dubai. With John working turnaround, my days are long at home and since I can't just go and drive to somewhere we thought it would be a nice break and give me some momentum to make it the rest of the turnaround. 

We had a wonderful time as always with my sister and then a great time relaxing and shopping and then exploring Dubai. I have traveled with the kids before by myself (back to the States in Abu Dhabi via Dubai when my dad was in town) but this trip added a whole new dimension to my solo travels as we were staying in a hotel just me, Peyton and Graham! We are getting a pretty good system down and traveling with them is easier than it sounds! 

I posted all the pictures from both parts of the trip on Facebook and because I don't have time and Blogger is annoying with pictures at times...I am only going to put a couple on here...check out Facebook for the rest.

While in Abu Dhabi we enjoyed many wonderful meals at a variety of different places. My favorite was a place called Jones the Grocer which reminded me of Central Market/Whole Foods. I was even able to have a glass of wine with lunch! 

Graham loved trying ketchup for the first time and was infatuated with it! 

We also visited Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque and went on a very informative tour. The mosque was breath taking and I am so glad we were able to go this time. Peyton mostly enjoyed taking off her shoes and putting them in a bag to carry around but she was very quiet, listened and I was very proud.

I took the kids to the zoo in Al Ain which is about an hour drive from Abu Dhabi. It was a wonderful zoo. They have a partnership with the San Diego zoo and it reminded me so much of when we went there and just the habitats for the animals. We had a fun day but fun.

We were able to feed the giraffes carrot sticks which was such a neat experience and we loved it. And we also got to interact with the gorilla! He was just hanging out at the glass and watched us forever. Peyton loved him. Then he started picking his nose and putting it in his mouth which as you can see made Peyton laugh hysterically. It was a great time!

After a week of playing in Abu Dhabi the kids and I packed it up and went to Dubai....

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