Tuesday, April 24, 2012


Not much has been happening here in Saudi...Daddy is still working 13 hour days due to the shutdown and we are spending crazy amount of time at the beach! We are counting down the days until we leave for our cruise and are looking forward to spending time as a family again! I can't believe that I have just 20 days until the cruise, and then when I return 20 days until I leave to go back to the States. Essentially 40 days left in Saudi until the end of August when I return! 

Here are some pictures from our beach adventures since I don't have much news to report on....I told you...not much is going on and we really do spend all of our time at the beach. So funny to me how a trip to the beach seemed liked so much work when we lived in Texas (granted it was a hour drive) and now...it is a spur of the moment, hop in the car and go kind of trip. Our bag of pails/shovels stay in the trunk and sand in the car is not a big deal! LOVE living by the water!

We spent one afternoon with friends looking for hermit crabs and exploring. My friend is a marine biologist and it is so much fun to explore the beach with her and I learn so much!

Last Friday, I took the kids early in the morning to the beach and it was perfect! The tide was low and so calm and Graham was able to crawl out into the water and had a blast! A perfect morning!

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thepfeifferfamily said...

That little boy looks so much like my little Ben!
Enjoy your cruise and time with the family!