Friday, April 6, 2012

Our trip to the UAE- Dubai

After Abu Dhabi we went to Dubai and stayed for four nights at the Grand Hyatt. I have never stayed at a hotel alone with both kids and was a little nervous but everything worked out and the staff helped me tremendously. We got to the hotel right at check in (after walking around the Mall of the Emirates and eating at California Pizza Kitchen) and we went swimming at the kids pool. 

We ate a good amount of our breakfasts and dinners in our room. It was just easier and Graham loved sitting in the big chair. I went down for breakfast one day and the staff was really helpful but when I realized it was the same price as ordering room service, I decided I didn't feel like dealing with getting the kids ready and down stairs. 

Also as soon as we checked in to the hotel and got to our room, he realized it was carpeted and took off walking everywhere! Now he is still walking all over the place which is awesome!

We went to the Palm Atlantis Aquarium one day and loved looking at all the fish. Graham LOVED the big aquarium/display and Peyton enjoyed all of them and the divers in the tanks that were cleaning or feeding the fish. 

We went to the Dubai Fountains one night and the Burj Khalifa. We didn't go to the top of the Burj Khalifa as I wanted to save some activities for whenever daddy can come with us but we did enjoy the fountains. Graham was clapping and cheering and Peyton was dancing through the show. The fountains were pretty spectacular.

And I don't know why Blogger keeps rotating my picture sideways but I gave up so here it is anyways...


The last day we went by the Dubai Marina which was beautiful and had some pretty awesome boats...

Pretty much we did lots of shopping (lots of shopping), eating at nice restaurants including PF Changs which was delicious and swimming by the pool. The kids were great and we had fun just the three of us. Dubai was fun but by the end of the four nights I was ready to leave. It was too crowded, congested, too much shopping and materialism and had too many tourists! I personally LOVE Abu Dhabi and would much rather be there than Dubai. It is fun for a little while and I know we will go back with John and explore other parts like the Gold Souq, the Burj Khalifa, Ski Dubai and the water parks...all of which I didn't feel like doing with the kids alone! It was a good break and helped give us a little extra push to make it through the next part of turnaround....a little over 30 days left!!

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Hannah Gaz said...

how did you end up in Saudi Arabia?
I would love to go there once I graduate College.

The Acord Family said...

We moved here for an engineering job opportunity for my husband with Aramco.