Friday, April 13, 2012

Easter....with Daddy!!!!!!!

Words can not even begin to explain how happy everyone was when Daddy was approved a day off and it being on Easter made it even better! John had not had a day off in 38 days (and probably won't have one until we leave for vacation on May 15) so it was much needed for everyone!

The Easter Bunny paid a visit and the kids hunted for eggs in the morning and then we had pancakes with Daddy.

Peyton went off to school and her teacher planned an egg hunt and crafts for them there. I thought it was really sweet of her to do especially since in her culture they don't celebrate Easter so she had to do some research and planning on what to do. I am appreciative that she took the time and effort to do something for them. While Peyton was at school, Graham got some alone time with John and then when Graham napped we were able to get some stuff done around the house that I haven't had time to do or we needed to talk about.

We had lunch at the Carlton Cafe outside and enjoyed the beautiful day overlooking the water. John and the kids played in the grassy area and were able to have some quality time while we waited on our food. That afternoon we spent more time together and then headed out to a garden center to buy some plants for our yard, some pots and start work on getting our front yard how we wanted it. We haven't done anything for a whole year so it was kind of a mess from just letting our gardener do whatever he wanted! We had him move plants, I moved plants and then John and I moved plants at 9:00 PM. We also had someone come out and put down some pavers to widen the driveway since the grass refuses to grow there anyways. We have a couple more plants and pots to buy, the grass needs to grow back into some spots but we are making progress and I am liking it a whole lot more!

Graham LOVED the garden center and is enjoying walking around everywhere.... 

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