Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Enjoying the Weather

As miserable as the summers can be here in Saudi, I am finding the winter/early spring amazing! I am loving the warm days with the breeze off the ocean and we are outside as much as possible. Between the pool, beach, splash pad, park, enjoying the outdoor seating area at the coffee shop, looking for seashells and even just going for walks we spend the majority of our days outside the house. I know once end of May comes...we will be stuck inside and miserable so I am soaking it in right now!

The other night I took the kids to play in the sand right before sun set to work on some photography homework. Peyton was miserable and only participated for a brief moment and then she decided that she was going to pack up our stuff and head out early....

Graham just had a blast playing with the sand, exploring and being content...

Peyton's class also is doing more outdoor activities and they had a morning at the splash pad the other day and of course Peyton had a blast!

Graham also came to the field trip but he mostly observed the chaos. This was the second time he has been to the splash pad and he isn't sure what it is all about. Finally at the end, Peyton held his hand and they walked through it together and he was alright with it but not really all that excited...Not like Peyton who LOVES it!

This weekend I envision more beach and splash pad time and hopefully getting out on the beach for sunrise because I have some photography homework that would be perfect at that time! Enjoying the Saudi weather (and getting a nice tan) before it is miserable!

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