Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Benefit for John's Aunt Cheryl

I can't even begin to go into how much John's Aunt Cheryl has meant to him and his family. Her and her family have stepped in and helped John's family out through some rough times and he honestly would not be the man he is today without their help, love and care. Her and her family have not only helped out John but their community. They are very involved in the Katy area and give so much of their time to the schools, community, friends and so much more.So, it saddens me so much to hear that his Aunt has been diagnosed with mutiple cancers. She just had a tumor removed from her neck. They have found six more tumors on her brain, cancer in her left lung, chest cancer as well as cancer in each hip. It breaks my heart to know the battle she has ahead of her.

Since this is not only going to be a battle physically but also financially, Jay Baker, owner of Good Ole Boys Catering, is planning a fundraiser for Aunt Cheryl Acord. $10 tickets for Barbeque Plates loaded down with three meats and three sides. There will also be music and an auction.
Yes, many of you don't live in Katy, Texas but you probably do know someone who does or someone in Houston. Please pass this along and even if you don't know Cheryl, attend and get some awesome BBQ and help out a family, we will be there and you can always use an excuse to drive out to the Katy area, get some lunch and then go shopping at Katy Mills Mall!

For those...... of you who would like to participate, here is how you can. First, please go to the website for all information. http://www.cajun-eats.com/acordfundraiser.htm And if want to get a ticket please email lprat@aol.com or leave a comment and I will pass your information along. And if anyone has anything to donate for the auctions it would be most appreciated. Let me know and I will make arrangements to pick up and deliver. Lastly, you can always just give a financial donation on the website above.

Most importantly, please pray for Cheryl and her family.

Friends....please repost this on your blogs even if you don't live in Texas or have friends that do or don't see the point. You never know who will see this and feel the urge to help!

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Stori said...

Done. And we will pray for them tonight as a family. I am so, so sorry to hear this.