Wednesday, August 18, 2010


No new posts from me mostly because it is way to hard to type and vomit! I know that is gross and too much information but that is what is happening here. I am SO SICK! When they say that no pregnancy is the same that is very much true! I got sick once with Peyton and only after thinking it was a good idea to down a glass of orange juice and then run out the door to work. This time, I get sick with anything....even opening up the car and getting inside to realize it was 106 degrees inside and the heat made me get out and get sick outside. Gross!

So, other than being very sick, tired and pretty much no fun we are doing a whole lot of nothing. Lots of sitting around, watching movies, having Peyton bring her toys to mommy. We were going to start potty training soon but I think that will have to wait a couple of weeks until I have the energy to tackle it and the stomach to handle accidents because right now it is all I can do to change some diapers.

There have been several funny things Peyton has done lately but this is the one that I remember the I leave you with a funny story from my little turkey....

One afternoon, Peyton was playing in her room by herself and mom was assuming her normal position of laying on the couch when all of the sudden I heard her in the bathroom and the toilet lid being lifted. I called and called and she didn't come and so I went in to check on her and she was sitting on the floor facing the toilet. I asked what she was doing and she put her arms around her tummy and groaned. Then it dawned on me...what has she been seeing mommy do daily (multiple times) for the past two weeks. I asked her if her tummy hurt like mommy and she said yes so I explained that mommy has a baby inside her belly and because it is growing it makes mommy not feel good but Peyton doesn't have a baby in her belly. She looked at me, said, "no baby?" pointing to her belly and I told her yes, she doesn't have a baby and she went on her way. So far no repeat performances but I can't believe she was doing that! Poor thing! Oh the joys of mimicking toddlers!

Well...gotta go....John is home with my requested Wheat Thins...another new pregnancy symptoms...cravings and since I am so sick I really can only eat certain things and when I want it, I need to eat. I only made John go to the store a couple of times with Peyton and so far I think tonight's trip is number two and we have just started. So, that means John went out at 10:30 PM to get me some Wheat Thins. What a good man!

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Laura said...

Che! I'm SO SORRY you are so sick! If you need a hand, even if for just an hour, call me! I'm praying for you. :)