Friday, August 27, 2010

Full of Energy!

The past two days have been busy at our house! Yesterday we went to meet the teacher day at Peyton's new school! For the past year while I have been working Peyton has been going to a more day care like school and although it has been great, had wonderful teachers and I loved the Chapel time she had every week, it was expensive and was a tiny drive from work.

This year she got a spot at our church preschool program called Pee Wee School and so she starts next week. Not only is it cheaper, it is right below my office! Yesterday we had meet the teacher day and she got to play with Bingo markers and color. She loved it! She has three wonderful God loving teachers and I am excited to see her grow with their guidance and love this year!

Following meet the teacher we went to pick out a lunch box and without any hesitation she picked out the Shrek lunchbox that burps when you press his belly...gross! Not that I thought it would be much of a choice I was a little surprised how convicted she was in choosing Shrek! As soon as we walked up to the wall of lunch boxes she looked them all over and within seconds picked up Shrek and walked off. It was pretty amusing and I only wish I had a video of the experience!
Today we started gymnastics! John had his Friday off this week so he came with us! The class started off with her being super shy and not participating at all. She just sat by us and kind of whined but once we had free time in the gym she was all over the place and her loud, silly self! We had more free time in the gym today than we will most weeks but that was just what she needed to feel more comfortable with the place, the coach and the other kids. It was so much fun and she has to be exhausted.

Here she is climbing up the ladder. She did great and figured it out right away! She was the only kid to figure out the crawling up the ladder like the coach showed. I was so proud of her!

Jumping into the foam pit was so much fun! She wanted to go in so badly and would count and count but couldn't figure out how she could jump in so she would have me help throw her in and as soon as she would climb out she would ask and sign "more."

She was a balance beam pro! She would do it with only holding one of my hands and it was a good lesson in paying attention! She has such a hard time looking forward and paying attention when she walks so it is a good exercise in watching when you are walking.

And if you look close enough you might be able to see my baby bump! Trust me it is more noticeable when you capture a side profile of me.

A fun morning for sure and we all had a blast until it had to end and Peyton was NOT happy about leaving. She kept crying, "play, play." Poor thing did not understand that we would be back next week!

Following gymnastics we were all hungry so we had a super early lunch at Chick Fil A and then more playtime. I think we made her so tired that she is having a hard time having her nap!

I am super excited to see her grow and explore new things through gymnastics and this is right up her alley!

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