Wednesday, August 25, 2010

CitraNatal B- Calm

I mentioned that during my last doctor's appointment that my doctor prescribed me a prenatal vitamin with B6 to help with my nauseousness. This is my last option before taking Zofran which I know many, many women take during pregnancy and many women need it but I really would like to try to not have to take it just for personal reasons and since I have gained a pound and am keeping some foods and all fluids down, my doctor and I decided I could wait on Zofran until later and take it in my second trimester if I am still not able to eat as much as I need to. is what I waited all weekend for!

When I went to fill the prescription they said that they had to order it and it would be in on Monday. John picked it up for me on my way home and I decided to wait until this morning to take it because I figured that it would help to take it first thing in the morning so I could combat being sick throughout most of the day. Well, when I went to get it out of the package imagine my surprise when it is not one vitamin a day but THREE! Are you kidding me! I can barely take one vitamin a day but three! When I looked more into it, I saw that it was one big prenatal vitamin and then two mini pills of the B6 portion which makes sense because that is what is supposed to help with the nauseousness.

I got the first pill down this morning, the second just after lunch and then the third after dinner.
Results....well, I was a little sick feeling during the afternoon but once I ate a snack I felt fine. Then tonight I was able to down a whole meal and not feel like I was going to die afterwards! I do feel pretty nasty right now but it has been a long day of work and playing Mommy so it is understandable. I am really praying today was not a fluke and once I get more of this goodness in my system I will feel even better! I am really wanting to go walking (on the treadmill at the YMCA) or take a Yoga class or any other light work out but I am so worried about being super sick so hopefully this will help and I can work out! PLEASE!

Other baby news....although I have gained between 1-1.5 pounds, I have expanded for sure! I am still in my regular clothes but with the assistance of a Belly Band since I can't comfortably button my shorts. Looking back at my 11 week Peyton pregnancy posts (I am rounding up slightly) I have gained the same amount of weight and am in the same stage clothing wise but I know that I did not have this much of a baby pouch this soon! Oh the joys of an already stretched out uterus! I will work on getting a picture up soon....John and I just keep forgetting.


hotmessmomma said...

I really hope you feel better with these vitamins! It is so awful feeling sick/nauseous!

Stori said...

Its crazy the vitamins they expect already sick pregnant women to take! I'd much rather take several smaller ones that one giant horse pill. I'm so glad the B vitamins are making things a little better.