Wednesday, August 4, 2010


One of the big changes since we got home from Canada (you will have to wait for the other ones) is that Peyton is pacifier FREE!

While we were in Canada and had the support of my parents and the added distractions of every possible activity known to man we worked hard on limiting her pacifier use to just at night time and just working through it being restricted. Well, I let her have it on the plane when we were landing because her ears were hurting bad but when we got back we still worked on the restricted use.

But being back...I was finding that without additional support/distractions she was using it more and more. So, that Sunday....we threw them ALL away! I know that some people do all these creative good bye ceremonies but honestly with Peyton that would be more traumatic. She is so strong willed she could care less what we were buying with the pacifiers or anything so we just decided to throw them out. When she asked we would just say that they were "all done" or "gone" and she would shrug her shoulders and go on her way.

It has been over a week and she doesn't even ask anymore! I love it! And the best part was when she went to school that following Tuesday and saw a boy with his paci she walked up to him and said, "NO PACI." Thankfully she didn't pull it out or anything but she knew that he should not have his paci!

I am so happy we have crossed this bridge and that it has not been as traumatic as I feared and that it went so easily! I love seeing her without her pacifier!

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Stori said...

So glad that it went so smoothly for you!!! Isla is a little thumbsucker, but I don't mind (for now), but I have a feeling it will be tough going weaning her of it in the future!