Friday, August 20, 2010

Doctor's Appointment - Almost 10 Weeks!

So, I will be 10 weeks on Sunday! Kind of moving along but I am really keeping my eye on the 13 week goal where I hope I will no longer feel so bad!

Today I just had my monthly appointment and all is well with Baby Acord! I was expecting a normal visit of peeing in the cup, checking blood pressure and asking how I was feeling. Well, all that did occur but they decided to try and see if they could find the heart beat. The nurse made sure to tell me that it was pretty early and not to freak out if they didn't pick something up but she thought that since I am pretty small she could find something. After a long time searching she did find the heart beat! It was a strong 150! I loved it! Made all this sickness worth it and reminded me that there is a precious little baby in there and that I can do this!

As for being so sick, the doctor was going to give me some medication for it but I am so anti medicine when I am not pregnant and even more so when I am. So, she said that there is a prenatal vitamin with lower iron and the B6 vitamin in it that is supposed to help calm your stomach and help with nauseousness and since it is not a chemical based medicine, I was all about trying that! She did give me the proscription for the real medicine but I didn't fill it. The vitamin has to be ordered so it will be in on Monday and I praying that it works. The doctor did say that if I don't feel better when I get into my second trimester she would like me to take the real medicine because I will need to start eating more and gaining weight. So, prayers are for the vitamin to help and in three weeks for me to enter the second trimester and feel awesome!

I have some fun Peyton posts I want to do but I am working on getting some pictures of her. Hopefully this weekend! Well, daddy came home from work a little early so I am off to take a nap and Peyton is off to play!

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hotmessmomma said...

Hey Che-Christy here. If I haven't already said it--Congratulations! I know what you mean about the meds...I am really anti-med myself. I read all my scripts inserts cover to cover before I take anything. I always try to take one tylenol instead of two if I have to. Anyway, I was really sick with both my boys and I took the nausea meds and it was awesome! It just really helped me function because I needed to run around with 2 or 3 kids. I totally feel for you because laying on the couch with a trash can is no fun! Best of luck!