Monday, August 23, 2010

Toddler Gymnastics

Last year Peyton and I did Kindermusik together during the fall. It was a fun way to have a consistent Mommy and Peyton activity that also taught her to be in a class format. Well, this year we were talking about doing the same thing and were going to do Kindermusik again.

But then I started thinking about Peyton, her personality and what she would enjoy and I realized that she would have fun in music but not as much fun as she would in gymnastics! She is at that age where her preferences for things are coming out and she would much rather do an active, climbing, jumping and tumbling class then a music class. She still really loves music and dancing but she is such an active little and she is more advanced in her mobility skills and I think would benefit and love a gymnastics class.

So, we registered for a toddler "Diaper Devils" gymnastics class at this gym close by called Acosports. It is a weekly 55 minute class and we are going on Fridays. I am super excited and think she will love it and glad we went out of what would be comfortable/routine for Mommy and did something that she will hopefully enjoy more.

I am a little concerned about how much my growing belly will get in the way in the months to come but I am sure we will manage! And I did it on Fridays because John has every other Friday off so he could have fun with her as well.

We are counting down until Friday!


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